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Alphaslot is a cloud-based application to seamlessly integrate digital avatars and utility tokens on the gaming floors, enable in-game strategy to attract new players, and stay connected even the players are not on the gaming floor.

Alphaslot API

Alphaslot’s Application Program Interface (API) is the universal programming socket for the gaming world, with real-time updates and the ability to process transactions in order to manage digital collectibles on the blockchains for the gaming operators and game developers.

Alphaslot APP

Gaming operators will integrate their mobile application seamlessly with Alphaslot APP and stay connected with players at all time. The APP will feature a user-friendly interface and digital wallet to manage players’ collectibles, further creating a new gaming experience for recurring business.

Future Expansion

Alphaslot’s interoperability will advance the widespread adoption of emerging technologies in the gaming and entertainment industry. By reaching new audiences and user groups in different sectors of the constantly evolving and growing entertainment environments, the Alphaslot ecosystem will lead to an explosion in user activity and transaction values, substantially increasing the size of the entertainment market beyond gaming.

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