With respect to recent false accusations made by an equipment supplier, we deny all the allegations and we have instructed our legal team to vigorously contest those false accusations accordingly. Meanwhile we reserve our full rights to take legal actions to remedy the same.

Alphaslot today is a unique asset – We have the brand, the casinos relationship, the technology, and the people to extend our leadership in blockchain for the steady state gaming industry.  Last month in Macau, we curate the Fintech Forum at G2E Asia which attracted 13,500 gaming professionals. This July in Barcelona, Alphaslot will chair the 13th annual C-level-only World Gaming Executives Summit blockchain session with the world gaming CEOs and law enforcement officers in Europe and from the US.  Alphaslot is an official member of both the Gaming Standards Association in the US and the Macau Gaming Equipment Manufacturers Association, allowing us to influence how blockchain can be built into gaming standards.

While we have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us and there are no guarantees, we have a plan to get there; it’s our top priority and every person in this company is committed with determination to extend our leadership in the gaming industry, to defend our rights and our customers’ rights, and to build an impactful and lasting company.

Raymond Chan

CEO Alphaslot Foundation

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