Albert Yu, Chief Operating Officer, ALPHASLOT. Interview by Bill Healey

When was the company founded and what was the inspiration behind its creation?
Alphaslot ( was founded in July 2018. The inspiration behind our project was the realization that it is extremely challenging for land-based casinos to attract new players. We believe blockchain technology can bring about new opportunities in the gaming industry by attracting new customer segments from eSports, mobile, online social games arenas and connect them to land-based environments, truly embracing the 020 (online-offline) experience.

For those of our readers that are not familiar with Alphaslot can we commence this interview with a brief history of the organization?
Alphaslot has its office in Hong Kong and technology office in Shenzhen. Since then, we’ve become the first blockchain gaming company to be a member of the GSA “Gaming Standards Association” (­view_members_block_4=2#qt-view_members_block_4), a notable development as the GSA is the leading body bridging gaming regulations, compliance, industry and adoption of new technology (including blockchain) for gaming.

Honorary President of the European Casino Association (Ron), a true veteran in the gaming industry along with the partner at Pantera Capital from Silicon Valley (Paul) have bought in on this vision and joined Alphaslot as our advisors. Our vision is to make the 020 a reality for the gaming industry, enabling the widespread adoption of blockchain technology to create a new entertainment world.

Are the company’s growth ambitions Global or Regional?
Starting from Asia, as a Hong Kong based company, we will move our expansion into Europe & America in the near future. The scale of our ambition is to be dominant at a global level. Not only are we targeting the land-based casino industry, we will expand our reach to online, mobile, social, console and most importantly the eSports segment. The beauty of blockchain technology is that it is without boundaries.

Can you explain to our readers the Alphaslot Ecosystem?
The Alphaslot Ecosystem is ultimately a bridge between players and casino floors, bringing three significant benefits for the gaming industry:

  1. Alphaslot as a CRM channel. We see Alphaslot becoming the epicentre for gaming whether on line or land-based, with players engaging with Alphaslot whether in casinos, at home or other entertainment venues. Casinos and other commercial interests can access their customers and engage them on Alphaslot and incentivize trip visitation using SLOT, all to complement their existing loyalty program.
  2. With SLOT token rewarded from playing EGMs and purchasing ALPHABOT avatar from Alphaslot APP, casino operators can stay engaged with players even after they have left their property; players using their mobile device will be able to play and earn SLOT token even when they are at home, they can also use SLOT tokens earned to equip their ALPHABOT avatars, engage in buy, sell and trade all within their mobile device. All these fun interactions will enrich the 020 experience.
  3. The Alphaslot Ecosystem will bring in new players from eSports, online and mobile games (over 500 million players globally), along with crypto enthusiasts (over two million user accounts in crypto exchanges globally).

Alphaslot Ecosystem seamlessly allow players to have more fun, to keep and develop the virtual assets they earned, and can be used in any game environment whether online or land-based.

Is the company looking to partner with for example a leading EGT manufacturer?
Alphaslot is partnering not only with EGM manufacturers, but also casino operators, social & mobile gaming operators, eSports associations as well as all major gaming regulators. We understand the compliance of the gaming industry and the need for regulations, therefore we want to be 100% above board in this respect. After all it’s all about transparency and fairness.

Can you provide detail on the Management Team of this relatively new organization and provide detail on their various experience and areas of expertise?
The Alphaslot team consists of veterans across the gaming industry, with our core team members shown below:

Alphaslot is built from a team with the appropriate background and experience to execute our vision. From a technology perspective, Raymond has a background in data science aside from his casino hardware experience. William was the former head of innovation at Samsung. From the business side, Professor Chan is an expert in new economies and ecosystems. Wayne has deep experience in marketing for casino operators. As for myself, I have EGM manufacturer/distributor experience.

Financially, we also have a strong team of investors led by Sora Ventures from China, Credito Capital & Shinobi Capital from Hong Kong, TRG from The Netherlands and Primitive Ventures from Silicon Valley to name a few.

Alphaslot CEO Raymond Chan at Sora Summit in Macau

How have the last 12 months been for the company?
Alphaslot has achieved significant milestones despite the uncertainty in the overall blockchain/crypto space. On top of becoming the first blockchain company accepted as a member of the GSA, Alphaslot was also speaking at the first blockchain-focused summit held in Reno together with Meleo, IBM, Oracle & Intel just to name a few ( https:/ / mi ngstanda It/files/documents/asian-melco-resorts-entertainment-alphaslot­speak-gsa-tech-summit.pdf).

Alphaslot was also able to release a beta demo and an open API at two major conferences back in November 2018 – Sora Summit (
and Sina Global Digital Entertainment Summit (https:// /39588697 /a I phaslot-positioned­to-resha pe-the-l00muser-enterta i nment-industry-with­blockchain-at-china-sina-entertainment-summit) in front of both blockchain and gaming audiences.

What do you plan for the rest of the year? Will you launch any products?
2019 will be an extremely important year for Alphaslot. In terms of development, our Alphabet (ERC721) avatar will be ready for testing by Q2, with deployment in Q3. The Alphaslot platform and protocol are targeted to be released in Q4 with full integration of the Alphaslot wallet at the same time.

With our open API being released to our selected partners, we will also be announcing new gaming and strategic partners. Therefore, it will definitely be an eventful year ahead.

What are the next exhibitions and events that readers can visit your booth for themselves? What events and conferences can readers expect to see Alphaslot represented in 2019?
Alphaslot will attend ICE London, G2E Asia/Vegas & MGS. For blockchain-related events, we will be present at all the major conferences including Consensus, Distributed, Hong Kong Blockchain week and Binance Blockchain week (Singapore). We welcome any interested parties to schedule a meeting with us at upcoming shows.

For more information, please check out the news section on our website ( for a list of our upcoming events.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
We believe blockchain technology is going to play a major part of our future and from a gaming industry perspective, it could completely alter the direction and landscape of the business moving forward. Alphas lot is leveraging our expertise in both of these fields to create a limitless future, whether it is for land-based gaming suppliers, online gaming developers, casino operators, eSports associations or simply gaming/crypto enthusiasts.

New players will be willing to try out EGMs in land­based casinos because they are no longer just a boring game which they do not understand how it works, they will find out there is much more entertainment value playing games both on line and offline via Alphaslot Ecosystem. We have a strong belief in digital assets ownership, and in my opinion, it is literally the best way to bridge online/offline gaming environment. Imagine having your avatar battling others inside a land-based casino, visually displayed on a huge jackpot signage where everyone could see, all the while earning SLOT tokens and able to be rewarded with special items to equip your avatar. Wouldn’t that be one hell of an experience? Why can’t we own what we are paying for to play? And why can’t games be more fun? After all, entertainment value derived from the games are what drives the industry -games that are not fun are simply software.

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