[Alphaslot Info] Alphaslot Introduction

How will Alphaslot bring this revolution in land-based gaming? Let us first take a look at the problems that the industry is facing.

Land-based gaming has not changed drastically in format since the 1970’s, with the last big innovation being the introduction of video slot machines. However, in this day and age, games that lack social gaming and up-to-date gaming elements are difficult sells to a younger generation of gamers. There is also the issue of the connection with the player ending after the player has left the game floor.

The following is the simple explanation of how the Alphaslot token known as SLOT (ERC20) and the player avatar known as Alphabot (ERC721), will connect players and the land-based games like never before.

The Alphaslot tokens, SLOT, can be mined by playing Alphaslot games in a land-based game floor or Alphaslot online games. These SLOT can be used for play on the Alphaslot online library, and also be used to buy in-game purchase to enhance the game experience.

SLOT can be used outside of gaming environments as well, such as for services like F&B and hotels.

Additionally, SLOT can be utilized to create, upgrade and diversify your unique Alphabot. This player avatar is forever stored in the Alphaslot blockchain, and allows for customization, collection, and even upgrades that will enhance the owners’s land-based game play. All of this allowing for the player to prepare for land-based gaming outside of the game floor.

Next week, we take a look at how the hybrid blockchain approach that Alphaslot is implementing differentiates from other blockchain projects.