[Alphaslot Info] Introducing the ALPHABOT Part 1: What is an ALPHABOT?

The ALPHABOT avatar, a non-fungible token (NFT) will be introduced on the Alphaslot Platform. Riding on the Ethereum technology (ERC721), this NFT will enable a decentralized way to maintain distinct and digitally items of value. ALPHABOTs are unique and cannot be replicated, stolen or destroyed.  SLOT tokens can be used to purchase, personalize, and equipped the ALPHABOTs. There will also be limited edition ALPHABOTs or enhancements made available by accomplishing specific milestones or reaching certain status levels in the Alphaslot ecosystem.

The one-of-a-kind ALPHABOT is a gaming sidekick while playing games on Alphaslot Platform. Players can own more than one ALPHABOT, and since the data is stored on the blockchain, the ALPHABOT’s ownership truly belongs to the player.


There will also be an ALPHABOT status leveling system, in which players earn experience points for usage of SLOTs and other achievements throughout the gaming ecosystem. Naturally, higher Avatar levels means better incentives and benefits.

Each ALPHABOT can be managed and customized in the ALPHABOT Garage found on the Alphaslot App. This is where players will buy and manage ALPHABOTs and enhancements.

On top of being collectable and tradable assets, ALPHABOTs and their enhancements or items can have an effect on the games being played. We will delve into this topic next time.