[Alphaslot Info] Introducing the ALPHABOT Part 2: In-Game Effects

Following the introduction of ALPHABOT, this article will focus on the in-game effects that it will bring to players.

On the Alphaslot App, players can purchase, personalize, and equip their ALPHABOT with SLOT in the ALPHABOT Garage. They can also trade their ALPHABOT and its assets at the ALPHABOT Marketplace. More than one ALPHABOT can be owned and each ALPHABOT can be customized and trained for certain games or situations.


When players play games on the land-based gaming floor, their unique ALPHABOT will be displayed on a large shared screen at the top of their game machines – a highly visible way to show off their ALPHABOT and have virtual battles with other ALPHABOTs. While players play their game, active ALPHABOTs will battle for jackpots and other bonuses. There can also be ranking signage to show where locally logged in ALPHABOTs rank in specific game aspects. Certain ALPHABOTs, items, and enhancements will also have an effect on the game themselves. Some ideas included unlocking special features and game options. More of such game boosts will be continuously developed based on player feedback across the open platform environment.

In the future, the Alphaslot technical team will target to develop an advanced protocol to replace player data storage in an external resource in order to facilitate, speed up and reduce the costs involved on the Ethereum blockchain.