[Alphaslot Info] Introduction to the Alphaslot Story

Problems to Opportunity

Land-based gaming has not changed in format since the 1970s, and current games lack social gaming aspects, connection with players outside of the game floor, and up-to-date gaming elements to attract newer and younger players.

Alphaslot Mechanism and Hybrid Blockchain Approach

Alphaslot brings a disruptive evolution creating a blockchain environment that connects online and virtual gaming with the land-based gaming world, and will follow a Hybrid Blockchain approach utilizing all existing tools for more efficient and far-reaching progress.

Alphaslot Solutions

Utilizing blockchain technology and tokenized business model, Alphaslot will utilize the unique token SLOT (ERC20), personalized avatar ALHPABOT (ERC721), and an innovative wallet, all to enhance the land-basedgaming experience and promote engagement with players.

The Value of Alphaslot Blockchain Technology

Alphaslot’s transparent and secure blockchain and user-friendly interface wallet, are the foundation of innovation in the SLOT ecosystem and ALPHABOT cultivation.

New Entertainment Ecosystem

SLOT will become the centerpiece of an integrated entertainment ecosystem, not limited to gaming, but also to other economies.

Project Planning and Milestones

The building of the initial application on the Etherium infrastructure will move forward in parallel with the development of Alphaslot’s own blockchain protocol.

More updates and details to come in the following weeks. Come back to here to see how Alphaslot is creating Entertainment 2.0. Next week we focus on the problems facing the gaming industry and take a quick look at how Alphaslot will address these obstacles.