Part 3: Basic Solutions for obstacles – Introducing Alphaslot

In the previous article, we took a look at how the land-based casino market is facing obstacles in regards to the continued growth of their business. This time, we take a look at how Alphaslot offers the solutions for these hurdles.

1. The Need for New Revenue Streams to Continue Growing Business

Alphaslot can help create new revenue streams for casinos by attracting new players from a wider demographic range, as well as from different gaming backgrounds. The new casino game elements will help to engage the typically younger players of social and mobile games, encouraging them to become familiarized with casino gaming.

2. Minimal Interaction Between Offline Gaming Operators and Players in the Online World

The Alphaslot ecosystem will tie in some social aspects that strengthen the interaction between casinos and players when they are outside the casino floors. Using blockchain technology to permanently and securely store player action and assets within the Alphaslot ecosystem, the players will be able to play online content and purchase customized avatars in preparation for their next casino visit.

3. The lack of Effective Channels to Interact With and Retain Players

Increased interaction between casino and online/mobile games gives casinos more opportunities for retaining players. A more decentralized system of rewarding casino players also allows for more player options for playing venue, allowing all casinos with Alphaslot products to benefit from having the machines on the floor.