Part 4: Solutions for obstacles – Implement Blockchain as a Strategy

Let’s take a look at how Alphaslot will implement blockchain technology as the strategy to overcome the obstacles in the casino gaming market.

1. Introduce SLOT Token (ERC20) to create game engagement that leads to new revenue streams

Alphaslot’s SLOT token (ERC20), a utility token, will enhance player engagement and increase player control of games by offering in-game strategies and token functionalities. Through Alphaslot’s use of the blockchain, SLOT can be mined and used in online free-to-play games with incentives to stay engaged. Armed with higher accumulation of SLOT, players will feel prepared and equipped through the token to have a better chance to win on their next trip. These engaging features attract new segment players looking for a more interactive gaming experience thus drives players to play on electronic game machines.

2. Introduce ALPHABOT avatar (ERC721) to facilitate interaction between casinos and players in the online world

The ALPHABOT avatar (ERC721) is the player’s gaming sidekick that enhances the gaming experience and promotes social interaction. SLOT can be used to buy ALPHABOTs, and also equip them with gaming powers across a variety of different game titles and environments, both inside (land-based) and outside (online world) of the casino. The ALPHABOT replaces traditional methods of interacting with and retaining players, and because the technology is built on the blockchain, all ALPHABOTS and virtual items purchased are truly owned and tradable.

3. Introduce the Alphaslot app and wallet as effective engagement channels with players

Whereas land-based casino loyalty programs and CRM systems principally try to drive a future visit by their players, the Alphaslot app keeps players engaged by offering free-to-play games that are also rewarding SLOT. While the Alphaslot Wallet allows the player to store SLOT, purchase and equip ALPHABOT, and exchange SLOT for other digital tokens in the Alphaslot Exchange. These features provide a truly engaging experience that allows players to develop their ALPHABOT in preparation for their next visit in the Alphaslot network.

Alphaslot’s use of the blockchain is the solution to the above obstacles and at the same time represents an opportunity to create a new online/offline connected entertainment world that brings transparency and trust to the ecosystem. This in turn will, attract a new generation of players, and empowers game developers to create more exciting new games for the players.