SLOT utility value

In markets and ecosystems where this can be approved, in-game SLOT token use will create more player interaction within games, and utility value will be created depending on the game situations at hand.

The number of tokens used in-game would have a specific effect in the game. Considering different amounts of money a player wagered, together with their psychological behavior, the value of the token will reflect its demand. The token utility, and the willingness to use tokens, in a high-stakes game will be generally higher than in a low-stakes game.

In the long-term, the SLOT token might be adopted by other industries and their own respective ecosystems.


The Alphaslot Platform will launch online and social games available for play on the Alphaslot website and app. Players playing these games can continue to mine SLOT for usage in-game and for accumulation to unlock new games. As the Alphaslot Platform officially launches in 2019, it may lead to interoperability of other popular tokens and avatars on the Alphaslot Platform of games.