[Alphaslot Info] The Alphaslot App Part 1: Games and Wallet

The Alphaslot App features a user-friendly interface and can easily be installed on players’ portable devices. It will connect players to the Alphaslot Platform and its community. There are four main directories in the App: Games, Wallet, ALPHABOT Garage, and ALPHABOT Marketplace.

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Alphaslot will partner with different game developers to allow players to play online and mobile games on the Alphaslot App. These games can don’t necessarily need to be games you would find in casinos. There can be many genres of games. Players will be incentivized to play these games with SLOT, and there will be special milestones that may unlock ALPHABOT features.


The Alphaslot App contains a virtual wallet, which players can use to store their mined SLOT and track their activity and history. App users also have access to the token exchange (OTC) where they can trade their SLOT with Ether or other cryptocurrencies. They can also redeem lifestyle services using their SLOT from this section.

In the next article, we will further on introducing the ALPHABOT Garage and ALPHABOT Marketplace.