[Alphaslot Info] The Alphaslot App Part 2: ALPHABOT Garage and ALPHABOT Marketplace

The ALPHABOT is the avatar in the Alphaslot Platform and is the gaming sidekick while playing games. It can be purchased, personalized and equipped through the usage of SLOT. In the Alphaslot App, the ALPHABOT Garage and ALPHABOT Marketplace are the sections for players to manage their ALPHABOT.


On the Alphaslot Platform, players can own more than one ALPHABOT. In the ALPHABOT Garage, players can set up, personalize, and equip each of their ALPHABOTs. It is the place for the player to store their ALPHABOTs and showcase their ALPHABOT collection.


ALPHABOT Marketplace:

When more players adopt Alphaslot, more ALPHABOT with different looks and strengths will be created and owned. In the ALPHABOT Marketplace, players can trade their ALPHABOT and redeem enhancement assets with their SLOT.  The ownership of all of the assets will be maintained via the decentralized blockchain, meaning that every ALPHABOT, item, enhancement, etc. are truly owned by the player.