[Alphaslot Info] The SLOT Token Use Cases: In-Game

Following the introduction of SLOT token, we will further look into two of its use cases to paint a better picture of how SLOT can function in the ecosystem:

SLOT use case 1: In-game strategy and token functionality

SLOT can be used to purchase in-game boosts that enhance player gaming experience and allow for better in-game control. SLOT takes game interactivity and engagement to the next level. Similar to other online games, players are in control of how and when to use the in-game boosts. In-game boost capabilities can be specific to certain games or situations. Possible examples of in-game boosts are: new game options, unlock bonus mode, game history viewing, etc.

SLOT use case 2: Better win odds

For gaming markets that approve of this gaming option, there is another incentive for players to play on Alphaslot platform games. In-game redemption using the SLOT token will increase the player’s social status by earning VIP experience points. As the player accumulates VIP experience through SLOT purchases, the player can achieve higher levels of VIP status. Upon reaching each new VIP level, players will receive better odds of winning. Each successively unlocked game provides progressively higher odds of winning – up to a ceiling that approaches players breaking even. This adds another level of excitement, enhances player engagement, and maintains loyalty as more play results in better odds of winning.