Value of the Alphaslot blockchain technology

After the introduction of SLOT token and ALPHABOT avatar, let’s further dive into how the Alphaslot Platform leverages the blockchain to connect offline behavior to the online.

Using the casino floor as an example, the Alphaslot blockchain allows for a secured network of physical verifiers in each gaming floor that are used to prevent fraud in the mining process. A network of verifiers will form a second layer of transparent verification to trigger any unusual events.

The ALPHABOT is a non-fungible token (NFT), the ownership of which will be maintained via the decentralized blockchain. Players’ data will be stored in an external resource, which will facilitate, speed up, and reduce the costs involved on the Ethereum blockchain.

The new Alphaslot entertainment ecosystem comprises of a single platform for players, game developers, land-based gaming floor, commercial partners etc. to seamlessly interact. With the blockchain application, each of the parties involved can: