Official announcement

We decided to start the process of listing our token on various exchange platforms, including CBX, Hotbit, and LBank because we believed passionately, and we still do, in the ‘‘blockchain economy’’. Indeed, that has been extraordinarily useful for blockchain projects since 2016. In retrospect, a modification of our token distribution is needed to make a difference after reviewing the market feedback since listing, as well as to take precautions against malicious parties which are attempting to negatively affect the project, hence we need a revised plan and additional time to better prepare. Thus, for the time being we are suspending our listing effort and temporarily delisting from exchanges in order to give us additional time to develop our technology and launch with casinos operators and game machine manufacturers according to our original plan, before we resume our work with the token exchange platforms again. We remain fully committed to a transparent governance process in accordance with the rule of law.

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