What is Alphaslot?

Alphaslot is the blockchain ecosystem with a core focus on casino entertainment and new player acquisitions, connecting gaming machines with gamers via tokens on casino floors synergistically. The tokenized network provides gamers with incentives to stay engaged with the casino experience, acting as a catalyst to bring growth to the steady-state gaming industry.

When was the company founded and what was the inspiration behind its creation?

Alphaslot was founded in July 2018. The inspiration behind our project was the realization that blockchain technology can bring about new opportunities in the casino gaming industry by attracting new customer segments from eSports, mobile and online social games arenas. This solves a pain point for the casino gaming industry by introducing new players to the casinos’ electronic games.

What is the size of the casino industry worldwide?

There are over 2,000 casinos and 3.5 million slot machines globally. The global casino gaming market generated US$129 billion in gross gaming revenue in 2016 and is forecasted to reach $191 billion by 2022. Roughly half of this revenue comes from electronic games with the remaining revenue coming from live table games.

How many visitors are going to Las Vegas and Macau every year?

In 2017, 39 million people visited Las Vegas and 32 million visited Macau.

How does the token work in the Alphaslot ecosystem?

Utility token is an ERC20 with on-chain transactions recorded on Ethereum and is the in-game token format on the Alphaslot chain. These tokens enhances the player’s level of engagement and increases the player’s control of the game by offering in-game strategies and token functionalities. This provides players with incentives to stay engaged with the casino experience through the Alphaslot Platform. By accumulating tokens, players are better equipped with more game control and may have higher chances of winning. These game features based on token usage will keep players engaged in playing the game and thus operators realize more value in their business. The enhanced in-game control and customization of these games also serve to attract players looking for a more interactive gaming experience.

Can you provide detail on Alphaslot’s management team and its partners?

Alphaslot is led by experienced leaders within each of their respective fields. The technical team consists of blockchain experts and professors who have developed a robust and secure chain. The team has been able to build an open platform that services on-chain and off-chain game developers to build on or connect to. Our partners are established leading game distributors with licenses for gaming machines in prominent gaming jurisdictions. Our advisors include global gaming operators and industry stakeholders who are keen to see Alphaslot become the next disruptive innovation in the electronic gaming industry.