CEO of Hong Kong blockchain firm Alphaslot speaks at San Francisco Distributed 2018 conference

The CEO of Hong Kong blockchain company Alphaslot, Raymond Chan, spoke at the Distributed 2018 conference in San Francisco last week, sharing his insights into Alphaslot and how it plans to transform casino gaming.

The innovative project, which leverages blockchain technology to tokenize casino gaming, features a progressive team of global technical experts, thought leaders and an all-star lineup of ecosystem builders.

Chan participated on a panel titled “Tokenizing Business Models” where he discussed the role tokens play in Alphaslot’s business model and the utilization of reverse-ICO application. The panel also discussed token economy value, token function as a payment tool and how token price fluctuation impacts businesses.

“In recent years, blockchain technology has been maturing and has been put to a wide variety of uses in several industries,” Chan said. “In the future, the sustainable development of this technology will focus on project application and its related economic benefits. High value-added industries, such as gaming, will contribute more to the development of blockchain technology due to its high economic efficiency.

“In the Alphaslot project, the token economy reach starts from the point of game design and playability. The future of the project will expand the ecosystem from the gaming floor out to ancillary leisure services including hospitality, entertainment and F&B and continue expanding to transportation services and retail further down the line.”

Alphaslot successfully launched earlier this year, partnering with Sora Ventures, Asia’s first crypto-backed venture capital firm dedicated to blockchain and digital currency investments. Alphaslot also teamed up with experienced technical experts in the industry and academic experts and professors from top universities.

Distributed 2018 is an annual two-day summit featuring 25 panels and discussions, keynote presentations and industry roundtables with over 100 speakers and over 1,000 attendees, bringing together experts from the blockchain and DLT worlds to discuss the potential of decentralized global ecosystems.


CEO of Hong Kong blockchain firm Alphaslot speaks at Distributed 2018 conference

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