[Hong Kong] Alphaslot CEO was invited to participate Consensus Singapore World Blockchain Technology Summit sharing his experience with experts on financing blockchain projects

(September 14th, 2018, Hong Kong) – Raymond Chan, CEO of Hong Kong’s blockchain technology company Alphaslot, has been invited by Consensus Singapore to speak about the blockchain industry and the financial market condition at the World Blockchain Technology Summit on September 20th.

Alphaslot will be Asia’s first project in the world’s casino gaming ecosystem utilizing blockchain technology. The Alphaslot team will introduce an innovative token module concept to casino entertainment games in order to increase player engagement level and to enhance the game incentive experience. This unique ecosystem’s co-chain technology will transform the interaction between game developers and operators, thereby improving the quality of games.

Since early 2018, Alphaslot has been backed by one of Asia’s top venture capital firms, Sora Ventures. Sora Ventures specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency investments. Its team includes key members from top companies in the blockchain industry such as Distributed Capital, DFJ Dragon Fund, Quantum Chain, and Ethereum.

Raymond’s vision for Alphaslot is to work with all parties to expand the reach and value of casino games and extend the application of SLOT tokens to other games and entertainment-related sectors. Alphaslot will enable the creation and operation of global, reliable and efficient applications.

At present, ICOs are still one of the main sources of funding for blockchain projects. Although the volatility of the market has made ICOs more difficult, an improvement in ICO regulations will benefit the industry in the long term. With the cooperation of large-scale established projects, we will see a smoother flow of financing channels for blockchain projects. Raymond as a panellist at the summit will represent those who are currently experiencing first-hand this ICO process. He will speak in detail about his thoughts from his experience and his expectations for the near future.

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